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    We are organizing several fairs every year. Our fairs are mainly consumers fairs, where we help boost sales for our customers via multiple advertising and sales platforms.

    Beauty Fairs is Cambodia's first and leading beauty and fashion product showcase that exhibits a fascinating beauty care products, cosmetics, skin and facial care, fashion wears, bags and shoes, accessories and hair care products.


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    Exhibitors: clothing retailers and wholesales, accessories, shoes, and bag retailers, fashion for both men and women, local and international fashion designers.


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    Our objective is to showcase a variety of top quality, available products and services to the future brides and grooms. These qualified exhibitors include bridal rentals, make-up artist and salons, florists, drapery, cakes/bakery, balloons and paper decorations, wedding planners, catering services, video, and photographers, dress makers/tailors, wedding venue rental/owners, jewelry sellers, invitation printers, and other wedding supporting services.

    The event is annually organized at Aeon Mall Phnom Penh, where there are an average of 60,000 - 80,000 visitors per day. This event aims to be an exciting place for students, parents, companies, and schools to meet and exchange information related to major, scholarships, internships as well we job opportunities. Students can have opportunities to meet and ask questions from international alumni, such as Japan, US, Australia, New Zealand etc. Parents can learn more information about which international schools they think fit their children's needs. HR professionals are invited to share tips about how to study the right majors, choose the right jobs, make career planning as well as how to get funded by various grants.


    Household Fair is designed to be the market place for families to
    - buy products from credible suppliers
    - enjoy special prices
    - compare products' qualities
    - learn about the products from knowledgeable sellers
    - be inspired by modern livings and
    - enjoy the expo shows with families

    Likewise, for companies, Household Fair is aimed to be the platform where products are shown to the customers at special prices. In addition, we encourage our exhibitors to create interesting programs to attract the customers by providing discounts, lucky draw, quality product knowledge and giveaways.


    Halloween Fair is the event that brings people the joyful feeling for whole family, not only teenagers or adults.

    The entertainment event for the whole family members to:

    - enjoy with special price or promotion

    - enjoy with funny activities and performance

    - enjoy with group photos of family and friends

    - buy kids product with good quality

    - buy good souvenirs for family and friends

    - buy good daily usage materials from credible suppliers


    We make financial decisions every day. Yet, it seems both private and public institutions have never provided any concrete or strong financial education to the public in general. During times of both economic recession and prosperity, people always need to make informed decision in organizing their earnings and investment. This is why raising interest in personal finance is now a focus of state run programs in countries including Australia, Canada, Japan, the United States and the UK. Now for the first time in Cambodia, this financial education platform is being created for the public to benefit the society's prosperity as a whole.


    Cambodia has a long history of arts and creativity. Angkor Wat is one of the evidence of our trail of talented people. As the organizer of the Fair, we have been working very hard to select some of the current best artists' works to be shown to the public at the most visited mall in Cambodia. This is a non-profit initiative to motivate and promote this sector to continue its development and compete with other countries in the region.

    Our next step is to create an online website to list the local producers and to publish collections of new products, in addition to organize regular fair at various venues.

    Should we share similar goals and vision, please contact 360 Events for collaborations.



    The fair is free to visit and free to exhibit as our objective is to support the startup community in country. We expect 1,000 - 2,000 visitors per day. Startup owners who are interested to join will go through an application process first. After our team confirms that the startup is up to our standard of quality, we provide the space to showcase and sell new products and service at the fair free of charge.

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    Growing together with our clients.

    For small and medium businesses, 360 Events provides direct sale and marketing platform in which we bridge brands to opinion leaders, and create fun and entertaining shopping experiences for the customers in all types of segments.


    360 Events team consists of professionals with experiences in the industry over many years. Our detail oriented team places our client's needs and expectation first and foremost. The company works closely with our business partners to ensure that we will succeed together. Whether you are planning a PR campaign, launch a new product or having an annual gathering, think of 360 Events as your strategic partner to thrive forward.


    Currently, we are managing several fairs every year. These includes

    Beauty fair

    Fashion fair

    Food fair

    Household & Electronics fair

    Education & Career fair

    Halloween fair

    Wedding fair

  • Job Opportunities

    We are looking for various positions in:

    1 - Sales and marketing manager

    2 - graphic designer

    Contact us. Leave a message below or send your CV to 360ads.events@gmail.com

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